Lusorion Creatives a CzechoSlovak indie game development studio is pleased to announce that its project Legends of Azulgar is coming to steam early access on 31.8.2017. The game will be released in its alpha version to the public.

Legends of Azulgar is a Sci-Fi Action oriented Role-playing game with Strategic and Rogue-like Elements that puts you in command of a space ship, space station and a fleet in a massive sandbox universe. Inspired by games such as Freelancer, Space Engineers, World of Warplanes and different sandbox building games. LOA can be played as a co-op with your friends or in deathmatch to test the skills of captains and their ship builds. The game immerses the player in a fully interactive environment and a world rich in lore and Legends.

“While we have a clear vision of how we want to see the future development of the game, we still want feedback from the community and implement as many requested features as possible. We are very open to suggestions as we realise that we are making a game for the players. We listen to the community.”

Lusorion wants to open up the different features of the game to public as the time passes and the game is being thoroughly tested to provide the best quality experience possible.

The game will be updated regularly to ensure a flow of new features for players.


In 2158 a terrestrial observatory on earth detected traces of an ancient signal from the distant solar system of Auriga. As the world's top scientists investigated, it started to become clear that this signal did not originate from a celestial anomaly - but from an artificial source.

With the signal now partially deciphered you are tasked with exploring this new and strange solar system and discovering the secrets of Azulgar and its mysterious signal.


Every shot matters - Legends of Azulgar is inspired by naval combat and focuses heavily on player ability with every weapon in action mode aimed and controller directly by the player. Carefully line up a torpedo strike to inflict maximum damage, lead your targets to ensure a crippling shell impact or charge in for close range combat.

Design Your Fleet and Stations

Will you be a space miner hauling asteroids with your grappling hook (yes.. a grappling hook! More on that later!) or an explorer attempting to discover the secrets of Azulgar...


captain customisation

level up your captain and unlock new abilities and ways to customise how you play!

Special Cards (CyberSlots) that you can use to customize your captain.


The starting system of Legends of Azulgar and home to Earth, explore, fight and visit the very reaches of our solar system.

SOL will be the first system made available in the game starting with the Closed Alpha release and will be a rendition of our own solar system set within the lore of Legends of Azulgar. Mankind has reached and settled in space and now commands the technology to explore the universe - what will you do with it?


Explore the system of Arugia and uncover it’s past - what - or who ? sent the signal that brought you here and what were their intentions?

Plague of Azulgar

Every now and then the plague from another dimension comes to your dimension and unleashes creatures called Morrids that devastate your space. They are extremely dangerous adversaries and can eat your ship in seconds.

Enter the rift

The Rift: Access another dimension.. Dark... dangerous… and far from empty... But can you turn this strange realm to your advantage?